Vickie Reynolds


I am Vickie Reynolds, co-owner of ITEX Indiana, along with my daughter Sarah

I am the mother of 4 grown children, 7 grand children with one more on the way, and 3 great grand children

I previously owned a floor covering business, and was the founder and owner of the largest chain of western wear apparel in Indiana. That business eventually evolved into leather apparel. I still have 1 store in a tourist area Nashville Indiana, which is where I raised my family.

I was the 1st female police officer in our town, and worked on the horse patrol unit

I have several loves and passions, flowers, birds, severely decorating for the holidays. I teach my grandchildren to always look up at the stars and moon and appreciate the beauty that God has given us.

I love the fact that ITEX is able to help so many people to have more, and succeed better in their business.